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International conference
12-13 November 2009
(University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands)

photo: Harvey Edwards, ‘Caught in Flight’

This conference is designed to bring together two main strands of current research in
cultural studies: Gender Studies and Word & Image Studies. The purpose of the
conference is to investigate the representation of gender through the interaction between
words and images in West-European drama, dance and other performative arts from the
Middle Ages to the 21st Century. With this approach, we expect to reach a fuller
understanding of the dynamics behind cultural change that we witness through the act of
representation itself.

In Gender Studies, the (social/cultural) history of women has been written within
the last two or three decades; the knowledge gained from these investigations forms the
starting point for the present conference that will explore the continuous presence of
conflictive relationships, divergences, ambiguities, (self-)parody, and so on, which signal
departures from conventions and stereotypes. In Word and Image Studies the focus has
traditionally been on textual/visual interaction and intermediality; however, this project
will expand the field by investigating the elements of dissimilarities, divergences or the
conflictive dialogue between the media which will constitute an important new
contribution to the Word/Image paradigm.

Therefore, the focus of the conference will be: exploring gender identity expressed
by the interaction between words and images in drama, dance, and other performative
arts. These can take the form of parallel responses to representational conventions of a
particular period and place or function as a counter-reaction to conventions such as, for
example, parody or self-parody.

We welcome proposals addressing any of these issues. Please send proposal and a brief
curriculum vitae 

Before June 30, 2009

to the organisers:
Valerie Robillard, e-mail: v.k.robillard [at] rug.nl 
Rina Walthaus,  e-mail: c.walthaus [at] rug.nl

Conference fee: € 50 (includes conference material, lunches, coffee and tea)
PhD students:  € 20

Organised by the University of Groningen (Groningen, The Netherlands):
Dept. of English Language and Culture (Dr. Valerie Robillard)
Dept. of Romance Languages and Cultures (Dr. Rina Walthaus)

Plenary speaker: Professor Helen Wilcox, University of Wales, Bangor

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